Accounting Services In Singapore:

Guidelines to choose accounting company in Singapore Whether you are having small or big business, accounting is the most crucial aspect. When you plan to outsource your company’s accounts to any third-party, it is important that you carefully select the accounting company before providing company’s accounts. There are different companies available that provide accounting and bookkeeping services where BT Corporate consultant is one of the leading companies in Singapore.

In this article, we will provide you some guidelines that will help you to select accounting companies in Singapore. Whenever you approach any company mention and share your expectations and try to find out whether the company can deliver that expectation or not. Get in touch with different accounting companies and check the background as well as work profile of that company. You also need to take care about the size and growth of the accounting company. Do some research about that company and check out the growth level of the company in recent years. Moreover, you should also know about the internal structure of the company and experience level of the employees.

It is important to track the record of the company that provides accounting services in Singapore. The service quality provided by the company can be reflected by tracking the record of the company. Get in touch with the previous or current customers so that you can get the feedback about the company. It also important to know whether your data is secured with the company or not, so you should always see to it that accounting company should have modern techniques to secure your crucial accounting data.

You might come across some lowest bidders and you may get tempt to hire them. Try to avoid such lowest bidders. If in case you plan to hire such lowest bidders, than it is advisable to check and get the feedback about the stability and services provided by the accounting company. BT Corporate consultants are one stop hub where you can get best accounting and bookkeeping services in Singapore. The hired professionals have experience in handling accounts of different companies.

It is recommended that you should have face to face meetings before hiring any accounting company and outsourcing your company’s account. BT Corporate consultants are renowned for providing best accounting services in Singapore. You can just rest assure and outsource the accounts of your company. The company ensures in providing utmost customer satisfaction along with data security.

Cloud accounting technology

Have you ever heard of the Cloud accounting? Well, even if you haven’t, you don’t need to worry at all and we’ll enlighten you about it elaborately. With our cloud accounting services in Singapore, you can perform every single accounting operation over the internet. Isn’t that unimaginable? It certainly is to a lot of people though but think about the massive convenience it has brought about. Using our cloud accounting software, you can access accounting operations on all the devices and on all the browsers. The concept has proved to be immensely helpful to a lot of companies so far.

Complete audit service

Filing audited reports to ACRA is compulsory for every single Company except the excepted private companies or dormant companies. At BT Corporate Consultants, we offer our clients with a complete accounting solution which comprises audit service as well through our associated audit firms and this makes us one of the most dependable accounting services provider in Singapore.

XBRL Report services

Filing financial statements in XBLR has been mandated for incorporated companies in Singapore by ACRA since 1st Nov. 2007. For those of you who aren’t much familiar with XBLR, it is a special computer language which is used to present financial statements on the basis of online records. We are one of those accounting companies in Singapore that can help you generate the XBRL financial report as well to help you take that extra burden off your shoulders.

Most Advanced Accounting and bookkeeping services

Proper accounting and bookkeeping is perhaps the most important aspect of any business, be it small or large. Our accountants are highly professional and they always ensure that your accounts are maintained regularly and most importantly, they help you submit your audited financial reports duly to ACRA and IRAS. We have excellent accounting services for small business in Singapore as well and in fact, a lot of small businesses have experienced a remarkable improvement after having used our services. This makes us the most reliable accounting service provider in Singapore.